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நீடித்து நிலைக்கக்கூடிய சுற்றடாடல் பிரிவு

Functions of the Division
Division team (staff)

முகப்பு Functions of the Division
Functions of the Division
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  1. Coordinate with International Environment Conventions, Protocols, Treaties, Cooperative Programmes as well as International Environment Institutions and Organizations to get maximum benefits to the country.

  2. Facilitate Ministry to act as the National Focal Point for International Environment Conventions, Protocols, Treaties and Cooperative programmes.

  3. Payments for Annual Country Contributions for the International Environment Conventions and Protocols and International Organizations.

  4. Functioning as the National Focal Point for Global Environment Facility (GEF) and regular monitoring of the projects implemented under GEF Funding.

  5. Coordinating with International Financial Institute to attract financial support for the projects related to the field of environment.

  6. Functioning as the National Focal Point and Host country for South Asian Co-Operative Environment Programme (SACEP).

  7. Coordinating and facilitating the environment projects and programmes which are implement by the Ministry with collaboration of International Organizations.

  8. Performing actions related to Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements in the field of environment ensuring proper implementation of such agreements.

  9. Consultation and coordination with Bilateral/ Multilateral Agreements and conferences related to the field of environment.
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