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Programmes of Biodiversity division in 2018

01). National Red List updating - Faunal Taxonomical Expert Group Meetings – Land Snails and Marine Mammals 

As BDS is in the process of National Red list 2018 and has been initiated to data compiling and updating the Faunal Data base. Since it’s a prior requirement to initiate series of faunal taxonomical expert group discussion in parallel to the data compilation process, these Land Snails and Marine Mammals expert group meetings were conducted as sixth (2018.03.28) and seven discussions (2018.04.03) from out of series of expert committee meetings. The venue was Sobadam Piyasa, Ministry of mahaweli Development and Environment. Land Snail taxonomical experts, Marine mammal experts, BDS red listing staff and Fauna Chairman of the National Red list were participated for above meetings. As output of above two meetings, finalized the updated check lists of Land Snails and Marine Mammals, clarified taxonomical issues of respective faunal groups and could discuss about the way forward of species data compilations process.

02). Establishment of five butterfly gardens in Kegalle Educational Zone under the Punarudaya environmental conservation programme.

Under the action of Implement In-situ conservation activities of Butterflies Conservation Action Plan (BuCAP), Establishment of Butterfly Gardens is the priority activity. In 2018, Punarudaya Environmental Conservation National Programme of Presidential secretariat has allocated necessary provisions for recovery of native butterfly species in Sri Lanka. Since world Environmental day celebration programmes based in Kegalle district, it has decided to include establishment of butterfly gardens as long term activity in the programme of World Environmental Day 2018. 

Therefore five schools representing Kegalle Educational Zone were selected to establish 5 butterfly gardens in school premises with the financial support by punarudya programme, technical support by BDS, coordination work by Teachers Centre and other initial preparations with maintenance work done by relevant schools. Five butterfly gardens were successfully established in following schools at September 2018 – December 2018. Dudley Senanayaka Central College – Tholangamuwa, Ke/Dedigama/ Kahambiliyawala Maha Vidyalaya, Alauwwa, Ke/Dedigama Parakumba Maha Vidyalaya, Dedigama, Kg/Kegalu Balika Vidyalaya, Kegalle and Kg/Bossella Maha Vidyalaya, Bossella.


                   Stages of Establishment of Butterfly Garden in Schools in Kegalle Educational Zone


03). Initial Awareness with Field Training on Butterfly gardening and maintenance under the Punarudaya Environmental Conservation Programme.

Two awareness programmes on butterfly gardening and maintenance were conducted to provide trainings for 30 participants of teachers and students in Kegalle Zone with parallel to establishment of five butterfly gardens. Accordingly first awareness of “How to do a butterfly garden” was carried out with the technical collaboration of butterfly gardening expert on 2018.09.17 at Kegalu Balika Vidyalaya. The second awareness programme on “How to maintain a butterfly garden” as a field based training held on 2018.12.01 at Butterfly garden in Dilmah MJF Centre – Moratuwa with collaboration with field experts.  


At the first awareness of “How to do a butterfly garden”

At the field training on “How to maintain a butterfly garden” in Dilma , MJF Centre – Moratuwa


04). Awareness workshop on Conservation of Butterfly Fauna of Sri Lanka under the Punarudaya Environmental Conservation Programme.

The awareness workshop on Conservation of “Butterfly Fauna of Sri Lanka” for 100 of school teachers and students held on 26th December 2018 at Kegalu Vidyalaya with parallel to establishment of five butterfly gardens. Eminent Scientists, entomologists, naturalists and field experts were contributed for technical sessions, group works and field sessions of the programme. Wonderful world of Butterflies, threats and Conservation, Legal framework for Butterfly Conservation in Sri Lanka and How to became a good naturalist, Butterfly Diversity in Sri Lanka and Distribution of species and Why Insects are Important to us are main subject areas covered in the workshop. Also five publications sets with valuable butterfly guides were donated to five principals who were represented five schools those are carried out butterfly gardens.


Some pictures of workshop on “Butterfly Fauna of Sri Lanka”



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