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Agencies Under Ministry

Central Environmental Authority

Central Environmental Authority

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) was established in August 1981 under the provisions of the National Environmental Act No. 47 of 1980, which was later amended in 1988 and 2000. The objective of establishing the CEA was to make provision for the protection, management and enhancement of the environment, regulation, maintenance and control of the quality of the environment and prevention, abatement and control of pollution.
For further information contact:
Central Environmental Authority
  “Parisara Piyasa”,
104, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,
Sri Lanka.
+94-11-2872278,  2873447-9, 2888999
+94-11-2872347,2872608, 2873447


Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management Department


Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management Department

For further information contact:
Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management Department
4th Floor, Ministry of Fisheries Building
New Secretariat
Colombo 10
Sri Lanka

Forest Department

 Forest Department  

The Forest Department (FD) was established in 1887. Over the years many initiatives have been taken to minimize the rate of deforestation by effective application of the provisions in the Forest Ordinance.

The functions of the Department are organized under seven Technical Divisions at Head Office level namely: Silviculture, Forest Inventory and Management, Environmental Management, Forestry Research and education, Social Forestry and Extension, Planning and Monitoring and Forest Protection and Law Enforcement

For further information contact:
Forest Department 


P.O.Box 3,


Sri Lanka.



Gem and jewellery Research and Training Institute

Gem and jewellery Research and Training Institute


Be the Regional Center of Excellence in research and Training in the Gem and Jewellery industry while facilitating the growth and Development of the Industry in Sri Lanka.


To enhance the competitive capability of Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Industry by providing high quality Research and training services leading to Exploration of Gem Deposits, Technological Innovation, Skill and Competency development and Quality Improvement of the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Powers of the Institute

Power of the Institute assigned thereto the gazette notification No 882 of 28 July 1995 are as follows.

  1. To conduct surveys regarding gem minerals and gem deposits in Sri Lanka and to carry out research relating to the following.
  1. Their location
  2. Identification
  3. Methods of enhancing the value of gem stones
  4. Matters related to other field concerning the institute
  1. To provide technical and other advice regarding the digging of gem pits, Lapidary, Manufacture of jeellery and Methods of treatment of gem stones for the developing of the Gem and Jewellery industry including the production of machinery required for the industry.
  2. To provide training facilities in the following fields.
  1. Gem cutting, Polishing and identification
  2. Jewellery Manufacturing
  3. Gemmology including Diamond
  4. Jewellery Designing
  5. Colour enhancement of Gem Stones by Heat Treatment
  6. Other matters relating to the Gem and jewellery Industry.

The profile of the Board of Directors of the Institute

  1. Mr. Faizal Razeen (Chairman) - Chairman of the Board Directors
  2. Miss. Ayoma Nandasena - Board Member (treasury Representative)
  3. Professor N.P. Wijayananda - Board Member (Chairman – Geological survey and Mine Bureau)
  4. Mr. Indrajith Aponsu -  Board Member (Senior Lecture – University of Colombo)

Name  :- Gem and Jewellery Research and Training Institute

Address :- Hidellana, Rathnapura

Telephone Numbers :- 045 – 2228808 / 22228801

Fax No.  :- 045 - 2228800   

Website  :-

Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB)

Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB)

Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) was established in 1993. It is mainly involved in promoting the conservation and management of the mineral resources of the country. It seeks to ensure that the mineral potential is realized for the benefit of the country and the minerals are extracted in an efficient, safe and environmentally sound way. The major responsibilities of the Bureau are undertaking the systematic geological mapping and assessing the mineral resources of the country.

For further information contact:
Geological Survey & Mines Bureau
  No: 569, Epitamulla Road,
Sri Lanka.
+94-11-2886289, 2887820-3


Mahweli Authority of Sri Lanka

Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka

For further information contact:
MahaweliAuthority of Sri Lanka
No. 500, T B Jayah Mawatha,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka.

Marine Environment Protection Authority

Marine Environment Protection Authority

Marine Environment Protection Authority contribute to protect the marine environment from ship based and shore based maritime related activity, to comply with International and national obligations by promulgation of laws and regulations and implementation of international Conventions relating to marine pollution prevention and all other matters.

For further information contact:
Marine Environment Protection Authority
No. 758, 2nd Floor,
Baseline Road,
Colombo 09,
Sri Lanka.
+94-112687520, 2690604-5


National Gem and Jewellery Authority

National Gem and Jewellery Authority

By Act No 13 of 1971, the State Gem Corporation (SGC) was established for the development, regulation and control of the gem industry. Subsequently by Act No.50 of 1993, in order to Develop, Regulate and Promote the Gem industry and the Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanka “National Gem and Jewellery Authority” (NGJA) was established.

The National Gem & Jewellery Authority is in the business of providing facilitating services for the promotion and sustainable development of the Gem and Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanka. It facilitates identification of Gem deposits and Gem Mining, Gem and Jewellery Trading, value enhancement, value addition and certification of gems. It also facilitates research, laboratory services, assaying and hallmarking of jewellery and exporting and marketing them locally and internationally.

As a means of promoting its business the authority facilities enhancement of Knowledge of all parties who are engaged in or interested in the Gem and Jewellery Industry.

Regional Office Network of the Authority

Colombo Regional Office – No.25,Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 03.
011 2390645-8 (Gen) / 011 2329697 (Dir) 011 2320758
Ratnapura Regional Office – Regional Head Quarters, Ratnapura.
045 2222159 (Gen) 045 22 23139
Eheliyagoda Regional Office- Main Street, Eheliyagoda.
036 2258170 036 2258170
Matara Regional Office – No. 391, Anagarika Dharmapala Mw, Pamburana, Matara.
041 2223330 041 2223330
Naula Regional Office – Dambulla Road, Na Ula.
066 2246094 066 2246094
Monaragala regional Office – No 29, Annicut Road, Monaragala.
055 2276124 055 2276124
For further information contact:

National Gem & Jewellery Authority
Galle Face Terrace,
Colombo 03.

+94-11-2390645 -8


State Timber Corporation

 State Timber Corporation  

The State Timber Corporation was incorporated in 1968 under the provisions of State Industrial Corporation Act No. 49 of 1957 for the purpose of extracting timber from the forests, conversion of such timber into sawn timber and finished products, sale of logs, construction of forest roads, operation of timber and firewood sales depots, and manufacture and marketing of any by-products from timber. Later functions such as import and export of timber, afforestation, reforestation and scientific management of forests and forest plantations owned by the plantations, and purchase of timber from private land were added with the diversification of activities of the Corporation.
For further information contact:
State Timber Corporation
  No. 82, “Sampathpaya”,
Rajamalwatta Road,
Sri Lanka.