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  • Strengthening capacity to control the introduction and spread of invasive alien in Sri Lanka
  • Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable use for improved Human Nutrition and well-being
  • Mainstreaming Agro biodiversity conservation and use in Sri Lanka agro ecosystem for livelihoods and adaptation to Climate change project
  • National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan 2016-2022

Agrobiodiversity Conservation and use in Sri Lankan agroecosystems

A GEF supported project that will build resilience and help rural communities meet the challenges of climate change through the conservation and use of agrobiodiversity.

Partners : Biodiversity Secretariat;€“ Ministry of Environment, The Department of Agriculture, UNEP; Biodiversity International

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Pricing the Island

The Biodiversity Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment of Sri Lanka intends to address the problem of lack of updated spatial and aspatial data and information regarding ecosystem valuation covering all island through the project.; The activities of the Global Affairs and Environmental Economics division of Ministry of environment in 2003 and it will be continued with the collaboration of universities in Sri Lanka.

The project objective is to identify ecosystem goods and services values for each of the key ecosystems in the biodiversity priority zones for the whole country.

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