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Natural Resources Management

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  • Identification and formulation of natural resources and other related policies
  • Review of natural resources policies and introduce measures to fill the gap
  • Preparation of action programmes and other measures to implement NRM related policies
  • Coordination and implementation of activities in relation to national and international environmentally important days
  • Provide necessary support for the formulation of legal instruments related to NRM
  • Collection, storage, retrieval and dissemination of natural resources related data and information
  • Establish and maintain Database and clearing House Mechanism to disseminate information for natural resources sector's decision making.
  • Undertake policy research on issues related to natural resources management
  • Facilitate EIA process in NR sector
  • Provide regulatory support for the activities of the agencies of the Ministry which are dealing with natural resources management
  • Coordination and supervision of agencies of the Ministry in relation to the natural resources related policy implementation
  • Establish and maintain advisory services through National Expert Committees
  • Meet country obligation made by international conventions related to natural resources
  • Co-ordinate implementation of activities identified in the National Action Programme for land degradation and desertification
  • Support national and sub national capacity building programmes in the natural resources sectors
  • Provide education, training and create awareness on natural resources policy initiatives
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