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Home Responsibilities


  • Internal Administration of the Ministry

  • Mobilization and management of human resources for operationalization of technical and supportive functions

  • Establish systems and procedures as directed by the Secretary and other relevant authorities

  • Co-ordinate and report activities related to cabinet and parliamentary affairs (consultative committee, parliamentary questions, cabinet papers. COPE. COPA etc.,)

  • Undertake/comply with required administrative reforms

  • Supervise activities related to construction of the new buildings.

  • Ensure existence of a good fleet of vehicles.

  • Ensure implementation of Citizen Charter/Senior Citizens Programme.

  • Undertake capacity need assessments for the Ministry

  • Preparation of a human Resource Management Policy and a capacity building plan for the Ministry and its implementation

  • Develop guidelines, tools and systems to disseminate knowledge internally and externally

  • Undertake periodical and post-course evaluation of the usefulness of training provided to the staff

  • Identify the human resources development gaps of the implementation of the environment and natural resources related policy implementers and develop a system to build-up the capacities

  • Address periodically the HRM issues such as team building,conflict resolution, work load assessment

  • Build up link between performance appraisal and human resource development

  • Facilitate and co-ordinate national and international capacity building programmes

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