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Education Training and Research Division

The education training and research division involves in creating awareness on sustainable management of environment and natural resources among different categories of people of the society in order to foster self environmental responsibility.


  • Formulate Environment Awareness and promotion Strategy for the Ministry and its implementation and periodic review
  • Create environmental education and awareness at national level in relation to the environment and natural resources policy reforms and other major environmental initiatives
  • Reorienting environmental education towards sustainable development to foster self environmental responsibility among general public as specified in the chapter 36 of Agenda 21
  • Facilitate provision of environmental information requirement in sectoral agency programmes
  • Commemoration of environmentally important national and international days
  • Design/Collect/Process and document environment and natural resources related information
  • Provide access to the information on environment and natural resources  to the general public through web, library facilities, documentation etc.,
  • Develop a mechanism to get the stakeholder participation in environmental awareness  programmes/campaigns competition etc.,
  • Publicity programmes on ministerial activities through electronic and printed media
  • Respond to environment and natural resources related public issues
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