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Training Programme on Environmentally Sustainable Transport Services
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A workshop regarding Environmentally Sustainable Transport Services was held on 8th, 9th and 10th May at Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute at WijeramaMawata,

Colombo. Hon. Minister of Environment AnuraPriyadarshanaYapa was also participated on the third day of the workshop. As a result of increased use of motor vehicles, the attention that has been paid for the public transport system and facilities given for pedestrians have been reduced.  This situation leads to boost the number of road accidents as well. Hence, the importance of constructing a transportation system which pays more attention to pedestrians was discussed here. 


The Environmental Minister stated that the government so far has taken several steps to enhance the quality of transport system in environmentally friendly manner. Vehicle Emission Test implemented by the government is one such programme which is conducting successfully. Also steps have been taken to ban import of two stroke three wheelers which contribute much to the environmental pollution, and it was allowed to import only the four stroke three wheelers.  Laws have been introduced to minimize the concentration of sulfur in diesel and those laws are implementing successfully. Several programmes that have been

started to develop Colombo, as a beautiful city have already been completed. Minister also stated that further steps have been taken to enhance the quality of the condition of the air of urban environment by implementing a sustainable transportation system. 


The attention was paid for several areas such as integrated land usage and planning of public transport services, road safety, transportation and public health, sustainable transportation social equity and social situation of male and female. Secretary to the Ministry of Environment Mr. B.M.U.D Basnayeke, policy makers of relevant fields who involve initiating a sustainable transport service and major stake holders were participated for this workshop and it was conducted by the Air Resource Management and International Relations Division of the Ministry of Environment. 

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