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Environmental and Social Management Plan for the proposed Green Climate Fund Project


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Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy
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Biodiversity Secretariat

Preparation of Northern and Sabaragamuwa Provinces Biodiversity Profile and Conservation Action Plan

The Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy as the National Focal Point for the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and is obliged to implement the relevant provisions of the Convention.  In accordance with the implementation of article 6 in convention need to develop the Biodiversity Conservation Profile and Action Plans for Northern and Sabaragamuwa Provinces.

The Biodiversity Conservation profile and action plan has to provide an important source of information and actions for issues on conservation. 

The Biodiversity Secretariat of the Ministry expects to give a short-term consultancy for the preparation of above mentioned Provincial profile and action plan to an individual national consultant (provincial-wise).  The consultant should be resided/worked within the relevant province.  Outline for the proposed biodiversity profile and action plan is annexed herewith.

Expert input payment : Negotiable

Minimum qualifications : Post Graduate Degree in Science/Agriculture/Environment/Natural  Resources Management

Professional qualifications:  More than 05 years professional experience in the relevant field

Suitable consultant will be selected by a panel appointed by the Ministry, based on CV’s.  Interested candidate in relevant province (Sabragamuwa & Northern) should forward an Expression Of Interest (EOI) including curriculum-vitae with details of academic/professional qualifications, consultancy experience, any other related qualifications and payment expected either by registered post or hand delivery to the Director (Biodiversity), Biodiversity Secretariat, Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy, 980/5, Wickramasinghe Place, Ethul Kott on or before 28.02.2014.

Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy
82, ‘Sampathpaya” Rajamalwatta Road,



Outline for proposed provincial biodiversity Profile

1)      Introduction

2)      Bio-geographical- physical and edaphic aspects (total extent, classifications, soil & minerals, rainfall, temperature, wind etc)

3)      Ecosystem profile(major ecosystems)

4)      Species profiles (flora & fauna, micro organisms)

5)      Genetic profile

6)      In situ conservation

7)      Ex situ conservation

8)      Profiles of major subject specific biodiversity

9)      Cultural and other related diversity

10)  Impact on biodiversity

11)  Biodiversity related institutional aspects

12)  Biodiversity related policy and legal aspects

13)  Bio industry and bio prospecting

14)  Recommended actions for conservation sustainable use of provincial biodiversity

15)  Tentative Action Plan for the province

16)  Institutional arrangements for implementation of the action plan

17)  Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) for Provincial Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan

18)  Definitions

19)  Glossary

20)  References