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Environmental and Social Management Plan for the proposed Green Climate Fund Project


முகப்பு Current Staff
Current Staff
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Name Designation
Ms Dhammika Wijayasinghe Director
Ms Nalini Kohowala Assistant Director
Mr Leel Randeni Assistant Director
Mr Anurudda Thennakoon Assistant Director
Mrs Nirosha Kumari Environment Management officer
Mrs Kema Kasthuriarachchi Environment Management officer
Mrs Chamika Nilmini Programme Assistant (​Released to NAMA project Full time)
Ms Chandima Mohottige Programme Assistant(Foreign Study AIT - Thailand)
Mrs. E.M.S.D. Ekanayaka Programme Assistant
Mrs. A.P.D. Tharanga T.K. Ponnamperuma Programme Assistant
Mrs. E.D. Ishara Jayawardana Development Officer
Mrs. J.A.H. Prabodha Development Officer
Mrs. H.G.D. Jayawardana Development Officer
Mr A. Aberatne Office Assistant
Mr Anurada Alwis Office Assistant
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