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முகப்பு Duties and Responsibilities of the Division
Duties and Responsibilities of the Division
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  • Development of strategic plans for protection of the environment and environmental quality improvement and undertaking pilot programmes.

  • Disseminate knowledge on Sustainable Development among the all sectors of the society.

  • Stakeholder coordination for achieving Sustainable Development targets.

  • Ensure the promotion of Green Economy in National Development Agendas/ Programmes.

  • Develop programmes for environmental valuation and Green Accounting.

  • Facilitate promotion of Cleaner production concepts and provide inter and intra agency coordination for incorporation of sub-sectoral Cleaner Production Policies.

  • Implementation of Sustainable Water Management Initiatives

  • Act as the focal point of implementation of the National Green Reporting System of Sri Lanka.

  • Provide a platform to develop policies and strategic plans related sustainable development to integrate environmental concerns into national development processes to ensure long term sustainability.

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